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Restore your faith in Amazon products

I think like everyone else, I was really skeptical that 2 mulberry silk pillow cases would cost $28. When I say I spent the ENTIRE DAY "researching" amazons plethora of silk vs satin vs bamboo vs..vs..vs.. pillowcases- digging through comments, customer questions, and everything else- I STILL didn't trust these were real(or any product under $30 for 1 case, really). In the end I bought them anyway for a few reasons: price- duh, the color looked closest to a cream, it had a sheen in the pictures-but wasn't shiny, and it had a zipper. I honestly don't know how anyone is combating the fact that these are real silk- and yes I own other silk(btw..what a bougie thing to say). The color is beautiful, exactly as pictured on the site, the cases aren't floppy and huge, they fit nice and snug to my down king size pillow, which makes for a much cleaner look. It has an invisible zipper, which is super discrete- but also never snags when zipping/unzipping. This product really is amazing quality! My boyfriend has been referring to our bedroom as a palace ever since they arrived-needless to say he's a fan(his only complaint is I didn't buy sheets too!). Im so glad I gave this brand a chance, they are MORE than worth the price. No, I don't have the other 100 silk pillowcases that are all over amazon- so I cant say there isn't another gem out there, BUT I can say this truly is a gem. so if you're diggin through comments like I was- stoooppp. Get these and spend your day doing something fun- you deserve it ;).


Soft and silky, nicest pillow cases I've found

I really like these pillow cases. The zipper closure was a wonderful surprise, now the pillow can't work it's way out of the case of I toss and turn at night. They also wash and dry beautifully. I will definitely purchase again when I need more.

Carol A Dotson

Tested the silk and it's genuine!! Great price!

First and foremost, there are so many fakes out there that the very first thing I did upon opening the packaging was test the silk! The packaging exceeded my expectations! So many companies lack in this area. Very nice shrink wrapped box so there isn't any weird smells upon opening. These would make a great gift!! Open the box and the pillow case is very neatly folded wrapped in tissue paper. How I tested the silk:


About J jimoo

One of the biggest misunderstandings about silk is that people think every silk is the same. We've made sure that J JIMOO is the absolute best silk you can buy. All J JIMOO silk products meet the absolute highest standards of 100% silk by SGS. Our products include cotton mattress protector, eye mask and pillowcases. In a market that is often crowded with knockoffs and subpar products, we provide guaranteed first-class luxury items to make sure consumers are getting a 100% authentic product with the most helpful customer service available.

J jimoo

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